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13th Jul 2024

1X Chainrings: The what, the why and the how.

At Sync, we are the first to acknowledge the limitations of a 1X Driveline System. It is not th…

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9th Jul 2024

TDF Stage 7: TT O'Clock

It’s Remco versus Pogi versus Vingegaard versus Roglic. All former Grand Tour winners know how to ge…

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5th Jul 2024

Driveline Efficiency: Mythbusting

Using a single chainring is all the craze in 2024 - but, there are still plenty of myths hanging aro…

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Joe Laverick - 21st Jun 2024

Free Speed: Waxed Chains for Beginners

The humble bicycle chain is an unsung hero.The athlete gets all the credit for powering the bicycle,…

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