Discover the pinnacle of cycling and triathlon performance with our Sync 1X Driveline. Perfectly engineered for UCI competitions, our 1X setup offers unparalleled efficiency and innovation. Our aerodynamic 1X chainrings, developed with cSixx, ensure optimal chain retention and smooth gear transitions, which are ideal for flat time trial courses. For rugged terrains, our direct mount chain guide guarantees stability. Combined with our advanced aerobars, you'll experience superior performance and aerodynamic advantage in your next race.

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    sync driveline chainring sync driveline chainring

    1X Chainring

    Our 1X chainrings have been in development for two years, while trying to find the perfect manufacturing partner to take this product to market. In partnering with cSixx, we have found a group of passionate engineers and designers, already manufacturing...
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    sync driveline backing plate sync driveline backing plate

    Chainring Backing Plate

    Integrated mounting solution for our 1X chainrings, when being used on a Shimano crank Aero and structural backing plate, covering the rear surface of the crank and chainring, increasing chainring stiffness Crank-specific interfacing, for Shimano crank...
  • Chainring Caps Chainring Caps

    Chainring Caps

    Our interfacing chainring caps have been engineered by cSixx to perfectly blend our chainring solutions with the crank in application. These blend the profiled Shimano spider arms with the flat surface of the chainring, or in the case of the flat mount...
  • sync driveline treated chains sync driveline treated chains

    Treated Chains

    Improved efficiency using the YBN SLA 1210 chain, over a Shimano HG+ chain Improved efficiency and maximised longevity of Molten Speed Wax treatment process
    AUD$100.00 - AUD$118.17
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    Chain Guide Chain Guide

    Chain Guide

    Direct mount chainguide solution for added security, covering our 1X chainring sizes Direct mount with a 16mm bolt spacing, to suit the Giant Trinity and CADEX Tri Specifically designed for our 45mm chainline, catering for a chainline of 44-46mm through...
    AUD$135.45 - AUD$145.45
  • Pulley Wheels Pulley Wheels

    Pulley Wheels

    Our Derailleur Pulley Wheels have been a consideration in how to deliver a truly optimised driveline solution, from inception. In partnering with cSixx, we have found a group of passionate engineers and designers, already manufacturing a heavily refined...
  • Race Powder Race Powder
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    Race Powder

    Molten Speed Wax NEW race powder has removed PTFE and is now a mix of ultrafine Tungsten Disulphide and Molybdenum. This is the powder to add after a fresh waxing and once the wax has been broken in for around 30 to 40 minutes of riding and prior to your...
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