Aerobar Two (Dual Stack)

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Aerobar Two is an ecosystem of components for the athlete looking to advance their time trial position. With more setup options and supplementary components, Aerobar Two offers you solutions for enhanced comfort and greater performance, beyond what Aerobar One can offer.
AUD$927.27 - AUD$1,463.64

This product is currently out of stock and is expected to be back in stock by 7th Jun 2024

  • Aerobar Two is an ecosystem comprising of basebar adapter(s), spacers, extension clamps, extensions, and arm cups
  • Aero Two extensions – Designed for high-hand placement with angled extension clamps, featuring ergonomic and performance-oriented grip geometry
  • Aero Two extension clamps – Dedicated 15-degree angulation, suiting industry standard 22.2mm extensions and facilitating easy setup and adjustment
  • Aero Base Arm Cups – Uncompromised forearm support and maximum adjustability when paired with our Aero Two extension clamps
  • Aerobar Fit Kit – Bike specific adapters for the achievement of universal fit outcomes, across all compatible bikes
  • 6061 T6 aluminium extensions, shot peened and black anodised finish

  • 6061 T6 aluminium extension clamps, CNC machined, media blasted with black anodised finish

  • 6061 T6 aluminium mounting components (Fit Kit), CNC machined, media blasted with black anodised finish

  • Injection molded arm cups, with press molded EVA foam pads

  • Sync Ergonomics is based in Melbourne, Australia

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Why we created Aerobar Two

Building on the success of Aerobar One and the evolution of triathlon positioning, we saw the potential in providing an ecosystem that catered for a greater length, inclination angle and cup stack adjustment.

Overcoming these challenges required a system-wide approach with a completely new design of the extension clamp, mounting accessories (Fit Kits), and optimisation of the extension geometry to achieve the most relaxed fit. With dedicated 15-degree angulation, and spacer options for 18, 20, 22 and 25 degrees, Aerobar Two allows you to explore and utilise the most effective forearm inclination angle for your positional requirements.

Our Aero Two extensions are the industry standard 22.2mm diameter, are compatible with modern electronic shifters and can be readily trimmed for the correct length and height.

Aerobar Two in Application

The Aerobar Two complements a range of TT and Triathlon bikes, via the Aerobar Fit Kits. Designed to deliver consistent positional outcomes and enhance the position optimisation process, the Aerobar Two system helps deliver the most aerodynamically efficient TT position

Why is this so important? More than 70% of the aerodynamic drag experienced when riding a TT bike comes from airflow over the body of the athlete. Optimisation of your TT position yields the greatest performance gains.

Improved Aerodynamic Performance

The high-hands time trial position has long been used by athletes seeking greater comfort, but field aero testing (Alphamantis Technologies) shows that a properly supported high-hands position also tests faster as well.

Our test data shows a 3.5% lower average CdA (Variable 1 vs Variable 2 below). This is an equivalent power gain of 14 Watts, worth over 30 seconds for a 40 km time trial completed at 375 Watts. For a full distance IRONMAN completed at 290 Watts, this is an equivalent power gain of 10 Watts, worth over 100 seconds.

A properly supported high-hands position allows the athlete to better execute aero techniques and improves position consistency. The net performance gain from an improved aerodynamic position has a very significant impact on time trial performance, across all disciplines.

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