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Project 0.2 EVO - Updated and refined

Project 0.2 EVO - Updated and refined

12th Jan 2024

We have recently made some updates to the EVO platform. Our V2 EVO ecsystems now offer additional angulation and greater consistency of fit between bikes. As always, in the quest for achieving an optimised TT position.

Dual Stack Vs Centre Stack

Dual stack and centre stack are how we describe the two categories of time trial bikes, relating specifically to the design of the “spacer stack”. Dual stack relates to a bike having two "towers" or spacer assemblies, one below each extension clamp. Centre stack relates to a bike having a single central stack spacer assembly, with a bridge (plate) that steps out to each extension clamp.

Consistent Spacing

Our dual-stack V2 EVO systems use what we call "basebar adapters" to either step in, or step out the stack spacer assembly to a consistent 125 mm spacing.

Our centre stack V2 EVO systems use a single central basebar adapter and top plate (bridge) to go from the interface of the stack spacer, to the interface of our extension clamp (125 mm wide). All V2 EVO systems have an extension clamp spacing of 125 mm and all offer 46 mm of lateral cup adjustment.

Dual Stack Spacer Assembly

Dual stack systems come with 60 mm of stack spacers, allowing for incremental pad stack adjustment (10 mm increments). Additional stack spacers can be supplied, along with the necessary bolts. Above a spacer assembly height of 30 mm, the carbon support brace is required. 

The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX H48/49 handlebar is the exception to the rule. With these basebar adapters, we supply 30 mm of spacers and do not recommend taller stack spacer assemblies.

Angled Clamp Adapters

All of our V2 EVO systems use what we term a "clamp adapter" - This transitions the profile of the spacer stack, to the profile of the base of the extension clamp and is used to sandwich the carbon support brace (dual stack systems). We use this component to also provide additional angulation to the extension clamp, with our angled clamp adapter. 

Angled clamp adapters are now an optional extra, at the time of purchase. Angled clamp adapters can also be purchased for some prior V1 EVO systems, contact for any compatibility questions. 


We currently support a wide range of bikes/basebars with the Project 0.2 EVO ecosystem. We currently offer solutions for:

Centre Stack

- Specialized Shiv Tri Disc
- Cervelo EX10 

Dual Stack

- Argon E118/119 (rim brake)
- BMC TimeMachine TM01 (TT only)
- Canyon Speedmax CF SLX H26/33
- Canyon Speedmax CF SLX H48/49
- Giant Trinity Advanced
- Scott Plasma 5
- Parlee TTiR
- Pinarello Bolide 
- Specialized Shiv TT Disc

For our EVO selection guide and technical information, see more here.


Images by Stef Hanson(@stefhansonproductions)

Words by Ken Ballhause of Sync Ergonomics