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Project 0.2 - Streamlined & Improved

Project 0.2 - Streamlined & Improved

12th Jan 2024

The proven simple and effective solution for athletes seeking a high-hands position. Project 0.2 is a package of components for those chasing extra comfort and extra speed, across all time-trial disciplines.

What’s New?

We have recently made some updates to the Project 0.2 ecosystem, streamlining fit and improving functionality. Let's delve a little deeper.

V2 arm cup wedges

As always, the purpose of the arm cup wedge is to angle the arm cup, and this is really the foundation of achieving a true high-hands position. Arm cup angulation matches the trajectory of the forearm, maximising the contact patch at the arm cup, improving stability and support. 

The purpose has not changed and the angle remains 15-degrees, being the sweet spot for support while balancing diminishing aero gains at higher angulation. What has changed is the options for arm cup mounting, making it even easier to set up your Project 0.2 ecosystem.

Universal fitment

The slotted fore-aft mounting points offer universal fitment across multiple bikes and handlebars. Simply select either the M5 or M6 Arm Cup Wedges, based on the mounting requirements of your bike.

More on compatibility can be found here.

V2 Deep Groove arm cups

Our Deep Groove arm cups continue to be a mainstay of the Project 0.2 and Project 0.2 EVO ecosystems. Supportive, comfortable, rapidly adjustable and most of all, robust and hard-wearing. 

We make no apology for these not being a universal component. These are designed to be compatible with and maximise the functionality of our Project 0.2 and Project 0.2 EVO ecosystems.

V2 High Rise 3D extensions

The component that gives rise to the distinctive high-hands time trial position, our High Rise 3D extensions have been designed to provide perfect hand placement, for a comfortable and aerodynamically efficient time trial position.


Images by Stef Hanson(@stefhansonproductions)

Words by Ken Ballhause of Sync Ergonomics