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Supporting the High-Hands Position

Supporting the High-Hands Position

12th Jan 2024

The Project 0.2 ecosystem comprises three vital components, allowing the user to successfully execute a high-hands time trial position. The design and integration of these three components comes from seeing what works, in lab and in field based position optimisation (aero testing) services. Our goal in taking Project 0.2 to market is to make these gains achievable for more athletes and service providers, on more bikes.

Arm Cup Wedges

Arm cup wedges are the component where Project 0.2 started. The goal of the Arm Cup Wedge is to match the trajectory of the forearm, when a high-hands position is used. The wedge places the arm cup on a 15-degree angle, increasing the contact patch at the forearm and improving position stability.

Arm Cup Wedges are designed as a universal fit component, compatible with a large range of modern time trial bikes. Our wedges mount to the original arm cup mounting point, on any bike with a fore-aft (vertical) bolt arrangement, with a bolt spacing between 15 and 30 mm. With both M5 and M6 mounting options available, this further increases compatibility.


Deep Groove Arm Cups

With raised medial and lateral shoulders, maximised cup length and depth, Deep Groove arm cups provide unrivalled support for the forearm and upper body. Where wedges provide support that prevents forward position slip, the lateral support offered by the arm cup aids in “locking” the rider in an aerodynamic position.

Deep Groove arm cups are designed to mount directly to our Arm Cup Wedges, using their own connection screws (M5 x 30 mm). The arm cups pads are readily removable (Velcro connection), for ease of position optimisation and ease of replacement with wear. The pad is made from EVA foam with a nude finish, has a variable thickness with a 9 mm base and 7 mm thick walls, and is manufactured using an injection molding process for seamless fit.


High Rise 3D Extensions

A high-hands position can only be achieved with a high-rise extensions, the design of which is very specific to the geometry of the arm cup being used. We define the high-hands position as 100 mm of height gain, from the centre of the arm cup pad, to the very top edge of the extension (inc. shifter body). This is in line with the UCI definitions and compliance requirements.

High Rise 3D extensions feature an initial bend angle of 60-degrees, providing the height gain we require (150 mm centre to centre). Thanks to the 3D bend profile, we are able to achieve a lower grip angle of 30-degrees, promoting an optimal hand position for aerodynamic qualities. With a total length of 395 mm, our extensions provide sufficient length for achieving a range of position configurations.


Project 0.2 Ecosystem

The Project 0.2 ecosystem is designed to facilitate the high-hands position, promoting the improvements in comfort and aerodynamic efficiency that come from this. Engineered to produce the fastest possible UCI compliant positions, with the comfort for full distance IRONMAN triathlon.