Pulley Wheels

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Our Derailleur Pulley Wheels have been engineered from the ground-up, borrowing technology developed for the rigors of elite mountain biking, applied to the extreme requirements of UCI time trial competition, as direct replacements for OE pulley wheels.

Our Derailleur Pulley Wheels have been a consideration in how to deliver a truly optimised driveline solution, from inception. In partnering with cSixx, we have found a group of passionate engineers and designers, already manufacturing a heavily refined and field-proven product.

Our focus with Derailleur Pulley Wheels has been security and longevity, in the challenging environment of World Tour racing. With a highly refined tooth design and precision manufacturing, cSixx has been the perfect partner for our venture into driveline solutions, where security and wax clearance can be achieved, while minimising unnecessary friction maximising pulley size.  

Available in 12t guide and 14t tension, our Derailleur Pulley Wheels are the maximum size that a standard Shimano rear derailleur cage can accommodate. Spinning on ceramic-hybrid bearings, our pulley wheels offer longevity and smooth running, in real world cycling conditions. Our bearing covers come in both 11sp and 12sp specifications, ensuring a precise fit in the original derailleur cage.

  • cSixx Thick-Thin tooth profile with heavily sculptured architecture provide exceptional chain retention, wax clearance and resistance to chain gouging
  • Solid pulley design for ease of maintenance with wax-treated chains
  • CNC Machined, 7075 T6 aluminium with a hard anodised finish

  • 12t guide and 14t tension pulleys, ceramic-hybrid bearings

  • Designed, manufactured and finished by cSixx in Cape Town, South Africa

  • 11 and 12 speed compatibility, including SRAM Flattop and SRAM T-Top

  • YBN SLA chain (11 or 12sp) recommended

  • 11sp and 12sp specific (Shimano) bearing covers

  • Sync Ergonomics is based in Melbourne, Australia

  • International orders have a transit time of 2-14 days depending on destination

  • It takes 2-3 days for New Zealand and United Arab Emirates, 3-7 days for Asia and US, and 5-7 days for Europe, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and South America

  • Domestic orders have a transit time of 1-4 days

  • The customer is liable for taxes, import duties and charges associated with importation. Check with your local customs authorities to clarify the charges specific to your location

  • We are currently unable to ship to Russia via any of our international shipping partners

Why we created the Sync Driveline?

Creating the best 1X chainring requires consideration for the whole driveline system. Our driveline gives due credit to chainring design, the chain, chain guide and pulley wheels. Collectively, these components come together to deliver a robust, hard wearing, and efficient driveline.

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