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Why Aerobars are Essential for Newbie Triathletes

Why Aerobars are Essential for Newbie Triathletes

Posted by Joe Laverick on 4th May 2024

Being a beginner triathlete can be overwhelming. There’s not one, not two, but three sports that you have to get to grips with. Cycling is without doubt the most technology-driven of the three disciplines. Changing your equipment, or position can unlock minutes of free speed. One of the most important parts of the bike optimisation are the “aerobars”.

The aerobars are the extensions that go straight out from the basebar, or are otherwise attached to a more traditional handlebar (clip-on aerobars). There are many different styles, shapes and iterations of these, but they all have the same goal.

In this article, we cut through the hype to explore why  aerodynamic triathlon Aerobars are a must-have for new triathletes.

Improving the Human-Bike Interaction:

The key feature of an aerobar lies in its ability to optimise a rider's aerodynamic position. Unlike traditional handlebars that encourage a more upright posture, aerobars promote an aerodynamic, streamlined position that reduces a rider’s frontal area. This position not only cuts through the air more efficiently but also conserves energy, allowing triathletes to maintain higher speeds for longer durations.

The Science of Aerodynamics:

Triathlon isn't just about physical endurance, it’s a technological sport too. Every pedal stroke, every motion through the water, and every stride on the pavement has to contend with aerodynamic drag. In the cycling leg, where speed is paramount, reducing drag, along with comfort, becomes a primary objective.

Aerodynamic handlebars minimise a rider’s drag coefficient and allow for smoother, more efficient movement through the air.

To picture this in everyday terms, think of a double-decker bus versus a sports car. You want to be the sports car of triathletes, not the bus, making the job of getting to T2 far easier and far more enjoyable.

Comfort and Efficiency:

Endurance is the name of the game in triathlon. With three different disciplines in play, it is important to think about comfort. What’s the point in having the fastest bike leg if you’re crippled and can’t run afterward?

When considered properly, a well-configured aerobar solution and time trial position alleviates pressure on the back and shoulders, ensuring the physiological toll of cycling is simply exercise-induced. A more comfortable position is both more sustainable and leaves you fresher for the run.

Choosing the Right Aerobars:

With a plethora of TT aerobar options on the market, selecting the right fit can seem daunting.

Here at Sync Ergonomics, we have three options: 

  1. Aerobar One
  2. Aerobar Two  
  3. Aerobar Three

Each handlebar has been developed to be easy to use and have the maximal amount of adjustability as possible. We would highly recommend that you work with an experienced bike fitter when choosing a new aerobar too.


Aerobars require practice. It can be a bizarre feeling the first few times you ride in the aerobars. Your weight is in a completely different place to normal, and it changes the handling of the bike. On a road bike, your center of mass is approximately centralised over the bottom bracket. On a TT bike, your center of mass is anywhere between 100 and 140 mm in front of the bottom bracket. When combined with a lower torso angle, and narrow forearm stance, this creates a completely different cycling experience to riding a road bike.

Whether you’re a multiple time World Champion, or training for your first event, all triathletes should dedicate time to get used to their aerodynamic position. It will feel strange at first, but riding the position on the road will pay dividends.

Incorporating aerobar-specific workouts into training regimens can improve efficiency too.


Whatever your level, an Aerobar will completely change the game when it comes to triathlon or TT performance. From first-timer, to experienced and through to elite,  Sync Ergonomics provides three levels of Aerobar solution that cater for specific needs.

Our approach places the highest priority on achieving an optimised time trial position, without sacrificing to comfort. Our ergonomically considered solutions are a critical part of a successful time trial fit that delivers aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability. From countless hours of bike fit experience and the sale of thousands of Aerobar systems, we are confident that if Sync offers an  Aerobar for your bike, it will deliver favourable outcomes in training and competition.